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We are now in East London, South Africa not far from where Mandela was born. But the reason why my husband Herb and myself spent 3 weeks in Kenya was not to go on safari but to participate in a LGBTQI intersex/gender identity issues/advocacy Pan African conference in Nairobi to find out how we can help. We met some incredible people and warm freedom fighters from South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania and many more who daily risk their lives to raise awareness, who taught us many things along the way who showed us how to help. It was such an emotional experience. We learned about their friends, teenagers, women and men who get hanged, burned and raped for being who they are. It was hard to say goodbye, knowing a little more about what they were going home to. Now on the Eastern Cape we will be working for a week with our new friend and colleague Leigh Ann to document the transgender community in the rural areas. The Ubuntu is everywhere.

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