Princess of Walsall

Princess of Walsall is a personal photo documentary (2003-2007)  about Rob/Michelle in the West Midlands, UK.





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This Land Is My Land. This Land Is Your Land ​

Palestinian Beduoins living in Israel, shared their stories about the ancient land that is being taken from them.
Negev, Israel 2011


Wild West Midlands​

​​While living in Birmingham, UK I heard about an intensely hidden enclave living out the American Wild West and set out to wrangle myself an invitation. I first met them in a small social club in Rubery on the outskirts of Birmingham in October 2005 and was to join them as they spent weekends at various social clubs in small towns in the Midlands. Pistols in holsters, rifles, cowboy buckles, and moonshine dressed as mountaineers, cowboys trappers, sheriffs, Mexicans, American Indians. I met Tex, Bronco, Trucker, Trapper and the Dutchess who met in undisclosed social clubs every weekend. Eventually getting to visit some of these folks in their home I discovered that the seriousness of their acitivity in the social setting of the weekend carried over into their daily lives.

The Women of San Quentin

Photographs and letters from my second book "The Women of San Quentin - Soul Murder of Transgender Women in Male Prisons"
USA 2012-2015

The Boy Who Was Not a Lesbian

Photographs taken during the writing of my first book "The Boy Who Was Not a Lesbian & Other True Stories".
Europe, Cuba, US 2007-2012.


A Colony for Haven ​

In an old Victorian mansion called the Cornerstone in the Midlands, UK, a very large family of 25 lived together; former homeless, drug addicts, professionals, elderly, lots of children and several Christian refugees from Iran and Iraq. They worshipped, shared all finances, with strict rules to obey the Lord, and to take as little part in the British society as possible. The Jesus Army was by the time I befriended them, the fastest growing religious sect in the UK.

Analogue film, 2002-2004.




A photomemoir (Volume 1)




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A photomemoir (Volume 2)


6x6 film negatives



I Am, Therefore, We Are

Photographs from the book of the same name, about Ubuntu, and the Xhosa and Transgender Women living in Rural Post-apartheid South Africa




Transgender human rights activists,


6x6 film negatives


Daniella after being released from prison, Berkeley 2015 6x6 film negative